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Is Your Waiting Area Too Vanilla?


Vanilla. The plainest of flavors. The description used for bland, boring and  plain. Is that the impression you want those visiting your organization to derive from your waiting area? Do you want them to sit there, reading old copies of Redbook and Newsweek? Or worse, do you want them craning their necks to see reruns on the Hallmark channel? No one proposes to present their organization as a bland, run-of-the-mill company. But how many do, because they aren’t aware of the options available for internal marketing?

Retriever Digital Signage has just what you need to take your waiting area from vanilla to Neapolitan sundae with whipped cream, sprinkles and topped with the proverbial cherry. Imagine a space in your building with a screen that keeps your clients and visitors entertained while they wait. That same screen can also inform and update those people about your organization, the latest news and weather and even helpful life hacks!

What would a waiting area like this say to those who enter your waiting area? Imagine the possibilities for your first impression… Tv signage sends the message that not only are you one to embrace technology but also the changes it brings. By staying ahead of the communication curve, you also send a message to those who come into your organization that you are also open to innovation. Organizations that are ahead of the curve are also ones that attract more contacts and involvements in the business world as staying ahead of the curve is exactly where each company/organization wishes to stay.

Using Retriever Digital Signage to introduce your organization to those who enter your facility is an excellent method that will produce a return on your investment. Every step you make in your business plan is an investment into the future of your organization. Take those steps wisely. Present your organization to your visitors and associates with it’s best foot forward. Don’t present a vanilla waiting room like so many other organizations. TV signage can communicate your message with impact. Use that impact to propel your organization forward – past the family friendly reruns and old magazines. Communication is current because it’s always happening, but looking ahead? Looking ahead is that step taking you from average to outstanding!