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Tips for Retaining Great Employees


Human Resources managers know, it costs an organization far more to hire a new employee in place of retaining (and even retraining) your employees. Keeping your people happy is a moving target, but there are some essential truths every business can put into place to have a better shot at keeping their people on their teams. Here are a few of our top tips for retaining great employees, and how we can help:

Keep Your Expectations Clear

Management experts like Marcus Buckingham and Ferdinand Fournies agree, outlining clear expectations for your employees and keeping those expectations consistent helps your employees to feel successful in their jobs. That doesn’t mean their expectations can never change, but when they do, clearly outline and define the new expectation and allow adequate time for achievement.

Give Opportunities for Feedback

Your best source of information are your feet on the ground. Whether your business is big or small, the people doing the job have insights and ideas about how things could go better. As a manager, it’s your job to take in that information and make informed decisions that will improve both the workplace and the client experience. It’s vital to have regular opportunities for employee feedback and ideas, and your employees will feel seen and heard when you do.

Communicate Well

Nothing can make a workplace more toxic than miscommunication. People feel frustrated, question the capability of those around them, and worse when communication lines are broken. Utilizing methods and strategies that are clear, available to everyone, and succinct are paramount to a great workplace.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Expand your employee’s skill sets, give them opportunity to learn things that interest them, and help them to grow and you’ll retain your staff much longer. People want to develop and will opt-in to things that interest them, beyond the standard required training. Providing opportunities for professional development for your staff and communicating those opportunities for all will give you a better, more satisfied team.

Celebrate Your Staff

People desire to be seen and valued in every avenue of their lives, but celebrations can be easily pushed to the back burner in order to meet quotas. Employees who feel seen and valued perform better, work more efficiently, and stay longer. Celebrate birthdays, achievements in and out of the workplace, and offer opportunities for employees to acknowledge and celebrate their coworkers and you’ll see your workplace culture thrive.

Managing your team and improving in so many areas can be overwhelming, but that’s how Retriever Digital Signage can help you to retain great employees. Digital Signage provides any workplace with an opportunity to communicate more effectively with your team about expectations, upcoming learning opportunities and scheduled meetings, and for celebration of staff achievements.

In a few minutes, schedule out your digital signage for days, weeks or months, and position your signs in key areas where every employee will have regular access and visibility. Rather than bogging down inboxes with memos and emails, repetitive and visible signage will keep your team informed and feeling valued. Keep your team happy and keep your happy team when you utilize a 21st Century Communications Strategy with Retriever Digital Signage.

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Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook

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