Digital Signage

Why should you choose digital signage?


In the world of advertising, staying ahead of the curve is necessary. But in order to do so while keeping yourself in the black, you’ve got to combine your communication and sales in a manner that is effective enough to increase awareness about your services and draw in new customers.

Visual Communication 

All day we communicate. You talk to your clients and they talk back to you. But what about the down time while they wait to talk to you? Using Retriever Digital Signage, you can give your clients an opportunity to learn more about your company in that time. By allowing them this additional learning, they can come into your offices with their minds filled with preliminary information and ready to ask questions to learn more. Or they will learn about products they had never considered before. Digital signage is a communication tool that reaches our world where it is right now. You have the advantage over traditional advertising methods of signs and banners in that you can quickly change what you need to communicate to your clients with the click of a button!

Effective Engagement

In today’s world, information moves at lightning speed. To keep up with that, you’ve got to move quickly as well. With Digital Signage, you can now use graphics that capture your clients’ attention and get them thinking. You can schedule new slides to appear in conjunction with specials or communicate the news you need to get out. Combining the information with animated graphics or attractive visuals you will hold the interest of those who are reading your Retriever Digital Signage.

Increased Sales & Awareness

Did you know that not everyone fully absorbs the spoken word? Approximately 65% of the reading population in the States are more prone to absorb information best through visual observation. Therefore, you have a greater chance of communicating to your employees, your clients and those passing through your company’s space if you utilize a visual method of communication. By using this method, you gain influence over a significant portion of the population by reaching them where they are.

By choosing Retriever Digital Signage from DRM Productions, you give yourself an ally in this world of business. We understand starting at the ground level, and our product will grow with your needs. We’ve designed a product that can be tailored to your specific designs and can be managed by even those with the most rudimentary technical skills.

Contact us today to start communicating effectively with your customers and employees using Retriever Digital Signage.

Jay Miller

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is the CEO of DRM Productions and the original developer of Retriever. Working primarily on the sales side of the business, Jay has been using his creative skills to help clients communicate for years. Outside of work, Jay has a passion for learning and is constantly challenging himself to develop new hobbies and interests.