Digital Signage

5 Reasons for Digital Signage


Technology is amazing. It’s exciting and intriguing and the business world thrives on it. But sometimes, we forget the forest for the trees and neglect the basic reasons why the technology is even here.

  1. Quite possibly one of the best reasons for Retriever Digital Signage is the elimination of cost, hassle and time spent on traditional printing. Content can be updated with the click of a button and the results displayed immediately. Additionally, any organization can benefit from the reduction of tacky neon flyers posted all over the building.
  2. Retriever Digital Signage looks professional. It’s crisp and clear and just plain good looking. Tv signage attracts attention and engagement from your patrons whether the screens are posted in the lobby of your offices or behind the hostess station in your restaurant. No matter how fancy your font choices and clip art are, nothing beats the appearance of an actual digital slide communicating your information. And what better way to create an individual style for your company’s lobby?
  3. Even with the professional appearance, you don’t need to hire any extra employees to handle running your Retriever Digital Signage. Instead, we at DRM Productions will take of training you with our own tutorials and have provided a cache of slide backgrounds ready to go for your very first (or 100th) slide campaign.
  4. You are able to increase your own revenue through selling ad space within your slide show. Once you determine how many slides you need for your own company, it’s simple to create advertising campaigns for local businesses. Featuring these slides brings your company extra income and increases community connections.
  5. Support! Our support team is second to none as we work to not only get you set up and onto the server, but continue to aid your company as your learn how to create your own slide shows and gain confidence in the world of digital signage.

It goes without saying that there are many other reasons why Retriever Digital Signage is right for your organization. Digital signage can take your organization from bland to inviting with just a simple shift in design and function. Looking for ideas on how to integrate Retriever Digital Signage into your organization? Check out our case studies and discover how to put this technology to work for you!